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Introducing 'TARA' - an exceptional all-female spectacle that melds Irish dance power with the pulse of folk electronica. 


Earth. Water. Fire. Winter. War.

Will our Goddesses rise to the challenge?


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Get ready to be enchanted by 'TARA,' the cutting-edge all female Irish dance group. A new kind of work created by the A Taste of Ireland Company, ‘TARA’ will hit the stage this October as a conceptual showcase laying the foundation for a revolutionary twist on the ancient artform. ‘TARA’ will perform 2x showcases live in Brisbane before hitting New York, Perth & Adelaide with its full scale production from January 2024.

Embodying the strength and spirit of the ancient Tuatha Dé Danann tribe, Brigid, Cailleach, Cernunnos, Boann, and Macha are dynamic goddesses of movement—each drawing individual power from the elements. In the vibrant world of the mid twenty-twenties, 'TARA' has reinvented Irish dance by breaking free of the traditional format of dance shows and infusing it with a modern flair. 


Beyond their breathtaking dance skills, 'TARA' is a celebration of the power of women. They are not just a group; they are a sisterhood that embraces female individuality and strength. In every twist and turn, they showcase the unity and bond between women, reminding the world that together, they can enact change and create immense good. With a fusion of traditional Irish dance and contemporary choreography, 'TARA' has transformed this age-old art form into a style that is relevant, fresh, and magnetic. Their performances are a mesmerising blend of tradition and modernity, captivating audiences of all ages and backgrounds.


In the 2020s—where diversity and innovation reign supreme—'TARA' stands at the forefront of the dance world, breaking stereotypes and setting new standards. Their performances are not just dances; they are stories told through movement, art that speaks to the heart, and a celebration of the rich heritage they carry. As they continue to redefine Irish dance, 'TARA' ignites a passion for the art form in a new generation. They encourage aspiring dancers to embrace their roots while exploring their creative boundaries. Their performances stretch beyond just entertainment and are a testament to the evolving power of Irish dance and its capacity to resonate with the world in an ever-changing landscape.

With each performance, 'TARA' leaves an indelible mark on the dance world, proving that Irish dance is not confined to the past but is a vibrant and evolving expression of culture and art. Together, they stand as the embodiment of true feminine power, showing the world the magic that happens when ancient traditions merge seamlessly with modern creativity. 'TARA' is a force to be reckoned with, destined to leave a lasting legacy in the world of dance and beyond.


‘TARA’ is a new concept by the A Taste of Ireland Company, one of the World’s premiere Irish dance companies. The A Taste of Ireland Company’s productions have performed to sold out audiences around the globe. ‘TARA’ is the latest avant-garde production from the creative team which lays the foundation for the future of Celtic music, dance and performance.

Performance Length: Approx. 60 Mins

Note: This is a 60 minute conceptual showcase performance that is currently in creation. Ticket buyers please note, the shows will be filmed; strobe lighting, haze/smoke effects may be used and loud music/sound may be featured.

All dancing will be performed live, along with with featured instruments throughout the performance.

Note the performance is PG and could contain some themes which may not be appropriate for very young audiences.


Earth. Water. Fire. Winter. War.

Will our Goddesses rise to the challenge?

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