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Do you want to join A Taste of Ireland and tour the world as a professional dancer in 2024 and beyond? Now is your chance! A Taste of Ireland is delighted to welcome dancers 16 & over to its very first live audition in America at the NAIDC.


"I love being able to interact and play off the audience in A Taste of Ireland. The show is incredibly fun to perform and watch."

Julia O'Rourke

New York, USA

The talent of the performers in A Taste of Ireland is incredible, and the camaraderie we have on stage shines through in the performance. It is the most fun I have ever had!

Blaine Donovan, TCRG

Colorado, USA


I love performing with A Taste of Ireland as the show is filled with so much Irish history. It is so special feeling the excitement with the audience and cast who are all so talented. Every show is a giant celebration!

Fiona Shanley

Florida, USA

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